John Isner Retires – What’s Next For the Tennis Ace?

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American tennis bid farewell to one of its standing players on Thursday evening, August 31, 2023, at the US Open when John Isner’s professional career concluded with a five-set defeat, against American Michael Mmoh.

The round match witnessed the clash between the 37-year seasoned Isner and the emerging 24-year-old talent, Mmoh, who achieved an unexpected victory with a scoreline of 3-6, 4-6, 7-6 (3), 6-4, 7-6 (7) after an intense four-hour battle.

Despite Isner’s serve that has been a trademark of his career, Mmoh managed to withstand the onslaught and outlasted his experienced opponent over the course of five sets. Impressively, Mmoh delivered 26 aces himself. Saved 12 out of 17 break points to endure against Isner’s serves.

The pivotal moment arrived in the tie-breaker during the set where Mmoh fought it out and emerged victorious, with a score of 7-3 after losing the two sets. From that point momentum shifted in favor of Mmoh as he pushed for another tiebreaker in the fifth set and narrowly clinched it with a scoreline of 7-6(7) ultimately completing his remarkable comeback.

Mmoh’s impressive performance, in tennis has garnered attention. Thursday’s defeat marked a bittersweet ending to Isner’s illustrious 17-year-long professional career. Known for his towering height and powerful serve, Isner has amassed over 13,000 aces throughout his career. Even set a world record with 113 aces in a match.

John Isner Last Game
John Isner Last Game

In 2018, Isner reached the pinnacle of his career with a #8 ranking in the world. He secured a total of 16 ATP tour titles. Created lasting memories with unforgettable marathon matches. One such match was the 11 hour and 5-minute duel against Nicolas Mahut at Wimbledon in 2010 that spanned three days. Despite not clinching a Grand Slam title Isner undeniably made his mark on men’s tennis over the two decades.

After the match an emotional Isner addressed the New York crowd saying, “I’ve cherished every moment on this tour.” At the age of 37 and desiring to spend time with his family he had already decided prior to this US Open that it would be his last tournament, on tour. While Isner bids farewell to the game, his towering presence and thunderous serve will forever be remembered in tennis history.

Public Reaction to John Isner’s Retirement

The decision made by John Isner to retire from tennis after the 2023 US Open received an amount of support and congratulations, from fellow players, coaches, fans and family members.

Expressing her pride Isner’s wife, Madison McKinley took to media to share how proud she is of her husband’s career. While she will miss watching him compete, she eagerly looks forward to embarking on this chapter

David Macpherson, who has been Isner’s coach for over a decade commented that it has been an honor working with John throughout his career. He expressed gratitude for the time they spent together and wished him all the best in his endeavors.

On Twitter, Andy Roddick sent a message to his player by congratulating him on an incredible career. He also mentioned their golf games despite retirement. Stan Wawrinka added words of congratulations by calling Isner’s career inspiring and wishing him luck in his next steps.

Rafael Nadal, the star player reacted by acknowledging that John was always an opponent on the court. What mattered more was that he was one of the individuals on Tour. Nadal expressed happiness for Isner as he enters this stage in life.

Isner has garnered fans over the years who felt nostalgic, about his retirement. On social media platforms many people expressed their sentiments like “Thank you for the wonderful memories, John! The world of tennis won’t be quite the same, without you “. “We’ll truly miss witnessing your serving skills!”

As he wraps up his incredibly successful 17-year journey in professional tennis John Isner can take solace in knowing that he has garnered immense support and admiration from the entire tennis community. While his absence on the court will undoubtedly be felt everyone is eagerly looking forward to seeing what lies ahead for him in this phase of life.

After a career spanning 17 years on the ATP tour American tennis star John Isner has made the decision to retire following his loss to Michael Mmoh in the round of the 2023 US Open. Isner leaves behind a legacy defined by his towering height of 6’10”, his lightning-fast bullet. His prominent presence as one of men’s tennis leading figures, over the two decades.

John Isner Marathin Match
John Isner Marathin Match at Wimbledon
John Isner’s Professional Life

Born in Greensboro, North Carolina in 1985 Isner honed his skills at the University of Georgia before turning professional in 2007. He swiftly rose to prominence with his dominating serve that consistently reached speeds exceeding 140 mph. This formidable weapon catapulted Isner into the spotlight during the 2010 Wimbledon Championships when he triumphed over Nicolas Mahut in a match that is etched into tennis history as one of its encounters.

Their initial match turned into a remarkable battle setting numerous records. This included the match, in history lasting for a 11 hours and 5 minutes as well as featuring a staggering 183 games played.

Although Isner’s unforgettable performance at Wimbledon brought him recognition it was his season in 2018 that truly marked his achievements as a professional tennis player. At the age of 33 he had his year yet reaching his only Grand Slam semifinal at Wimbledon and breaking into the prestigious top 10 rankings for the very first time. Undoubtedly one of his accomplishments was winning the esteemed Miami Open title.

In tota, l Isner secured a collection of 16 titles on the ATP Tour with a remarkable 12 of them triumphs achieved on soil. His dominance on courts within the United States is particularly memorable as he clinched five titles in Atlanta and three each in Houston, Newport and Dallas. Enough he even claimed a title at the age of 35 in Atlanta during the year 2020.

Alongside these victories came other career highlights for Isner. He reached a total of 22 finals and over 50 semifinals throughout his journey. His outstanding performances propelled him to reach a career ranking of No.8 in the world rankings. Additionally he accumulated than $19 million in prize money throughout his career while also setting a tour record with, over 13,000 serves known as aces.

He also played for the United States in the Davis Cup for 10 years. Although Isner didn’t win any Grand Slam titles, he established himself as a presence, in tennis over the past 15 years. His powerful serve and fierce competitiveness made him a tough opponent. Off the court his friendly nature and sense of humor endeared him to fans making him one of the players in the sport. After 20 years, on tour Isner leaves behind a legacy.

John Isner’s Personal Life
John Isner's Marriage
John Isner’s Marriage

When he’s not on the tennis court John Isner leads a key lifestyle centered around his family and close friends. Despite his fame and success, in the sport the American tennis star has always been known for being humble and easy going.

Born in Greensboro, North Carolina in 1985, Isner hails from a family. His brother also played tennis at the level for the University of North Carolina. Currently residing in Dallas, Texas Isner is married to Madison McKinley. Enough she was a tennis player herself during her time at the University of South Carolina. The couple began dating in 2016. Got married in 2017. They welcomed their daughter named Hunter into the world in 2020.

While tennis has undeniably been a part of Isner’s life he also has interests outside of the sport. He enjoys fishing follows Carolina Panthers football games closely. Spends his time playing golf. Standing tall at 6’10”, Isner is also a fan of country music by artists such as Luke Bryan, Thomas Rhett and Brad Paisley.

Isner has earned himself a reputation as one of the guys and biggest jokesters, within the world of tennis. He has formed friendships, with fellow American players such as Andy Roddick, Mardy Fish and Sam Querrey. They connected during their days as aspiring professionals. His friendly sense of humor and outgoing nature have made him a beloved member of every tour locker room.

Isner and his wife Madison are deeply committed to philanthropy. They established the Isner Family Foundation, which provides support to children by funding youth programs focused on recreation, education and health/wellness. Over the years Isner has also. Taken part in charity tennis exhibitions to raise funds for causes that hold a special place in his heart.

The Path Ahead

As he steps into retirement after a career in tennis, Isner eagerly anticipates spending quality time with his young family in Dallas. While his absence will undoubtedly be felt by players and fans, on the tour it is safe to say that the next phase of his life will be filled with the blend of humor and humility that have always been integral parts of his character.

John Isner Family
John Isner Family

Having spent 17 years on the ATP tour, John Isner is now prepared to embrace challenges as he enters this chapter of his life following his recent retirement.

Although he will definitely miss aspects of the tennis world Isner is eagerly anticipating more quality time, with his family and exploring new opportunities beyond the sport.

In an interview with the New York Times, Isner expressed, “I plan to take a deserved break and relish in some precious moments at home with my wife and daughter before charting my next course.” He further added, “After years of travel for tennis I am genuinely excited about having the freedom to choose projects and commitments that truly captivate me.”

One potential path that Isner may venture into is a career in broadcasting. He has previously served as a tennis analyst for the Tennis Channel during periods of injury induced absences from tournaments. When discussing this experience with Tennis Magazine he shared “I thoroughly enjoyed providing commentary and sharing my insights about the game. It would be amazing to continue being involved in the sport in such a capacity.”

Additionally, Isner might consider establishing his tennis academy or coaching players in the future. During an interview with the Dallas Morning News, he expressed his interest by saying, “Coaching is something I would love to pursue down the line. After all my years, on tour I have accumulated knowledge that I would be thrilled to impart.”

The priority, for Isner is to give back through his foundation work. He and his wife have a desire to expand their efforts particularly in supporting children’s recreation, education and healthcare. This will be a focus for him.

While he bids farewell to the tennis tour Isner remains optimistic, about the stage of his life. He takes pride in his career. Also looks forward to what lies ahead. With the freedom that comes after years of traveling as a tennis player he plans to explore possibilities and see where this next chapter takes him.

At present Isner is enjoying spending quality time with his family at home in Dallas. However, it is likely that fans will still catch glimpses of him at tennis events or perhaps even hear his voice behind the microphone in the future.


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