Fourth of July-the Old and the New

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July 4

Fourth of July is also known as Independence Day. The event commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, when the colonies separated from Great Britain, is celebrated as a Federal holiday in the US.

People revel in festivities and celebrate the event with parades, fireworks, barbecues, picnics, and other outdoor activities. These festivities are widespread, and people across the country participate in the celebrations.

Despite the comprehensive nature of the Constitution of the United states of America, the phrase, “all Men are created equal”, has made the Declaration even more popular with the American people.

Though the genesis of the Fourth of July celebrations date back to 1776 Declaration of Independence, many other important historical events have took place around the same date in history. On July 4, 1827, abolitions of slavery started in New York, based on a gradual emancipation law.

Many events of historical importance have taken place around July 4. On July 3, 1919, a fight broke out between a white policeman and a handful of Black soldiers in Bisbee, Arizona, during the Independence Day parade being held in the town. These soldiers were members of the Army’s segregated 10th Cavalry Regiment,which was also referred to as the “Buffalo Soldiers”.

On July 4, 1976, Cesar Chavez led a march of 5,000 farm workers from the Mexican border to Sacramento, California, to protest the exploitation of farm workers and demand better working conditions and wages.

One finds first mention of Fourth of July celebration in a letter that John Adams wrote to Abigail Adams in 1777. Hoever, Fourth of July celebrations became popular in after the War of 1812. an inconclusive war that ended with the signing of Treaty of Ghent between the Unites States and Britain.

After the War of 1812, many events and celebrations were scheduled to coincide with July 4. On June 28, 1870, the US congress passed a law declaring a federal holiday on Independence day.

Fourth of July celebrates the country’s independence and freedom of the American people. It is a time for people to come together and enjoy various activities while reflecting on the nation’s history and progress.

In recent years, thes summer celebrations are marked with parties, fireworks and family gatherings. In Philedephia, Benjamin Franklin Parkway hosts the largest free concert in America. After nightfall, against the backdrop of fireworks and festivities, many mucial luminaries like Nicki Minaj, the Roots and Sugarland have graced these parks and performed before celebrarting masses who crowd the park.

In New Orleans, live music, street performers and fireworks mark the festivities. The fireworks can be enjoyed walking down the embankment or booking a seat for a boat ride aboard Creole Queen, partaking dinner to the sound of jazz.

Boston outdoes most American cities by not limiting the festivities to the fourth of July. Instead, the celebrations last a week with Boston Harborfest. During this festival, Bostonias relive their colonial past with educational programs, walking tours and reenactments by the day, and fireworks by the night.


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